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In collaboration with Retro Report

What Happens Next

Welcome to your complete guide to the future of the global economy. These 10 videos produced in collaboration with Retro Report and nearly 50 essays by some of the world’s leading thinkers and creators will provide you with a roadmap for where we’re going—and how we’ll get there.

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What Happens Next

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Stories about the future often follow doomsday narratives or promise fairy-tale endings: robots that take our jobs, digital worlds that ruin our relationships, pills that make us immortal. But for most of us, the reality will be very different.

What Happens Next tells the stories of the communities who will be most affected by these changes and the visionaries building our new reality.

There is not a singular vision of the future, but many versions of it. We’ve therefore asked some of the most forward-thinking leaders—scientists and entrepreneurs, academics and farmers, roboticists and teachers—to share their predictions for what tomorrow will look like, and how to prepare for it.

We hope this project inspires you to consider your own future: What happens next is up to you.

Illustration by Ksusha Itwazcool